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I have been greatly disappointed by some of the products that I myself have purchased online that stated “Minimal Shedding” yet created a whole new weave on my brush, “Tangle Free” but formed a birds nest, “Can Be Dyed” but shortly after dying the hair the texture changed from soft and luxurious to some sort of brittle, wirey contraption on my head. Truth is you don’t hear those stories because most people share their successes and not their failures and well Photoshop and Instagram filters do wonders, ask me I know. Read More
Once upon a time I went to get my hair done and ran out of weave with a quarter of my head left to go and no hair to be seen. Now you may or may not know what that feels like but I definitely do. It's that moment when you are calculating the distance between where you are and where the hair shop is, what time and day it is to avoid rush hour and bumping into certain people and let's not forget that quick but crucial prayer "Lord I hope I don't bump into my ex, my future husband or my enemies looking all types of crazy. Amen!" Read More
Let me start with a confession, I am a hopeless romantic but I am not a fan of Valentines day because I can't remember the last time it ever went to plan or at least how I expected it to. I guess I watch too many romantic movies and secretly hope for the impossible and usually the impossible is exactly that, impossible. Read More

Personally I think in the 21st century there is no longer any excuses for us to allow such things to happen especially now we have been blessed with the internet and failing that a mirror. Is it laziness or impatience? Maybe is lack of hair knowledge what ever that is. Not all but most people who use hair extensions are a click away from the information they need, the youtube tutorial they could do with and failing that the hair shop they purchased their extensions from. First thing is first prevention is better that cure so just be careful ladies.

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A good example that comes to mind is getting a girlfriend because I think getting her is the easier part, it's keeping her happy that takes some doing but all humour aside if you treat your hair like an investment Read More

The answer to that is YES!!! As strange as it may sound virgin hair is real hair that has been taken from the heads of women who have consented to parting with it.

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