Nicolles Boutique Go to London Fashion Week 2015

It that time of the year again!!!

We love London Fashion Week at the boutique. It's another opportunity to meet new people, rub shoulders with the fashion gurus, celebrities and bloggers from all over the world. You get to see it all on the runway but I would definitely say all the fun happens on the the streets of London. The NB team came across the good, the bad and the crazy... Forgive me, I mean creative.

NBTV guest Presenter Elle MK walked the busy streets of London in a Vintage Versace dress, striking vintage sunglasses and a hot pair of lace up heels seeking whom she could pounce on. She looked amazing and as we had hoped, crowds flocked around as she interviewed people passing by, bloggers, models, presenters, photographers and fashion designers. Most of the people interviewed stated hair extensions were not only just there to add length, colour or volume but were confident they were now a fashion accessory that is here to stay.


"Extensions are not only used on the catwalks anymore but by many women who want to transform their look." Stacey Smith (Fashion Student from Birmingham, UK)

If the interviewees didn't wear hair extensions themselves, they all seemed to know someone who did. We had people who had been wearing hair extensions from the age of 14 and others who were afraid to try extensions in fear of getting addicted to them. (I'm addicted to the so I can understand why.) 

What we learn from every fashion week is that fashion is a form of expression. No matter how you put yourself together everyone always appreciates each individuals creativity. If only the world would learn from that school of thought, maybe more people would accept others for who they are and the world would be a better place.

Love Your Hair,



Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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