5 Ways To Maintain Crazy Curls

"I love my curls but how do I keep them curly"

Curly hairstyles can be relied upon for turning around a bad hair day; whether it's to glam up your look for an evening out or to switch it up a little. Everyone can do curly hair and look incredible. The options appear limited but are actually endless because you can let your curls hang loose, do a chic updo or pin them up.

As it get warmer in the UK hair colours get light and brighter so we will be seeing a lot more balayage, ombre and 50 Shades of Blonde even with curly hair. Nicolles Boutique Brazilian Deep Wave is flying off the shelves this season. You can achieve the curls you are looking for and we are going to help you maintain them.


*Curly hair gets very dry and brittle, as you all know, which means you must deep condition it on weekly basis. The product you'll be using has to be really good, so spend the most of your hair routine budget on a really great deep conditioner. Finger comb the deep conditioner through your hair and wrap your hair it in a warm towel for 15 or 20 minutes. 

*Shampooing dries your hair faster than the Jamaican  sun in the summertime. Seriously though, shampooing your hair should be kept to a minimum, twice a month to be exact. It sounds wrong but the ingredients found in store shelf shampoos are just horrible for your luscious curls.

*Alcohol is a bad bad BAD word when it comes to curly virgin hair and I'd really advise you to avoid putting it in your hair. Nicolle's Boutique Team advise you use Argan oil and another favourite John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse.

*Brushes must be thrown away and buy yourself a good pick. This wide-toothed comb should be a staple in your bathroom drawers. A pick leaves the curl much more intact rather than a brush, which separates them, causing major frizz.

*Avoid hair elastics! The first idea that comes to mind on these types of days is putting your hair up and out of your way. Promise us you will put your hair in a loose braid or even a bun held together with a clip or the old school scarf or wrap.

We hope our tips are helpful.

Love yourself and love your hair,

Nicolle x


Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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